On Set/On Stage

Selected Reviews 

"Willowy Chelsea J. Smith is lovely as the fresh faced army brat Martha, following in her family's tradition, sure of herself and her expertise as head nurse. What Martha finds in Vietnam launches her into a spiral that would have overwhelmed a lesser actress."

- Sarah Downs, The Front Row Center

"As the healer Meryl, Chelsea J. Smith brings a calming, grounded presence to the space. Even in her grief, she cannot help but give strength to those around her."

- A Work Unfinishing  

"As Martha, Chelsea J. Smith shines with ambition and eagerness, made all the more wrenching when she falls into depression back in the states."

- A Work Unfinishing 

"I'm glad you don't suck!" - Erik Smith (Chelsea's older brother) 

Additional Videos

Chelsea Smith Co-staring in "Be Kind to Her"  - Aaron David Gleason

Chelsea Smith Supporting Role in "Mastermind" - Aaron David Gleason